20 Simple Tips For A Happy And Healthy Life

We spoke with Gabby Bernstein, author of the new book Miracles Now, for life lessons on beating stress, eliminating fear, and feeling more joy. Some people were much happier after marriage; and sadly, some were much less happy after getting married. So the key to living a happy life then is learning how to stay in the moment. To put it another way, if you're living below the poverty line ($22,050 annual income for a family of four in 2009), an extra $5,000 a year can make a huge difference in your happiness.

When times are hard, it's tempting to drink alcohol because it "numbs" painful feelings. 11. Spend more time with the right people. It's like they think all they have to do is figure out the secret password to the secret happy people club and they'll get to go to the all secret happy parties and their lives will be not-so-secretly happy—all the time, no matter what.

A person's happiness extends to three degrees of separation — meaning that it can influence (and be influenced by) their friends, their friends' friends, and the friends of people who are friends of their friends. Because of this, many Americans spend their lives striving for more money and possessions—but find that this materialism makes them less happy.

It is not difficult to live a fulfilling life, provided you are ready to change yourself and your mindset. The more hours per day adults believe they use their strengths, the more likely they are to report having ample energy, feeling well-rested, being happy, smiling or laughing a lot, learning something interesting, and being treated with respect.

Say I love you to at least one person each day. Over my life, attract 53, I met people who were very wealthy, but they were no so happy as my Colleagues, Engineers, Workers and Business Partners, who made their success and happiness steadily and progressing gradually.

I would like to end this post with a slideshare presentation: the 14 main keys to happiness and to a Happy Life. Personal goals are so critical to financial success that you'll spend all of Chapter 2 learning how to set them. You need to spend time outdoors at least an hour a day.

I take public transportation every day and I can tell you I am way happier with that than my friends that have to drive to work everyday. Even now, we can enjoy happy family life by applying God's instructions found in his Word, the Bible. Openness: People are happy when they live in a community that is welcoming to all.

You can surround yourself with family and friends, and rediscover the importance of social capital—the value you get from making personal connections with people in your community (see Social Capital ). And because you no longer feel compelled to buy more Stuff, you can use your money to save for things that truly matter.

Sometimes all it takes to feel refreshed and happy is to change something simple out of your daily routine Maybe it's time to rearrange your furniture or redecorate your house. If you can't avoid them, like people at work, your family, then don't let these people affect your mood and ruin your happiness.

I really had no idea who I was or how to live a happy life. When we are there for the people in our lives — and when they're there for us — we are more resilient, resourceful, and successful. Even if you're dealing with the grief of a lost loved one, remember that in time you will feel better.

Of course, we don't know if moving makes you happy or if happy people just move more, but we do know that more activity goes hand-in-hand with better health and greater happiness. For some people, living a good and happier life would seem like you need to live your big dreams that require you to need put in a lot time and effort.

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